Don’t Go It Alone

Starting up and operating an Urgent Care or Workplace Medicine clinic is neither cheap nor easy. Many physicians and entrepreneurs see the opportunity but do not have the tools or knowledge to allow for success.

Some hire a consultant but most companies that “consult” actually want to provide continuing services, products, or both. Most also look for long-term revenue streams.

Some believe that “walk-in clinic” is a synonym for Urgent Care or that Workplace Medicine is the same as any other type of medicine. These are dangerous concepts and guarantee trouble ahead for those who do not understand what Urgent Care and Workplace Medicine entails.

There are many components to creating a successful clinical practice that are not traditional in a medical practice. For example:

  • Extended Hours
  • Retail Advertising
  • Sales Team
  • Client Service Programs
  • Patient Satisfaction Programs
  • Proper Retail Location
  • Branding
  • Timely Services and Documentation
  • And More…

There are also traditional components such as:

  • Billing and Collections
  • Medical Records
  • Quality Medical Care
  • Staffing
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • And more…

The Urgent Care Experts know what to do and we will transfer that knowledge to you.

Before you go it alone, call or email the Urgent Care Experts and you’ll know what we know.


Let us know how we can help make your urgent care or Occupational Medicine Center more productive, more efficient, or more profitable.

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